Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reading, Rings, and Romance

I did it! I began my book! And, it started out a little dull. But the more I read, the less I wanted to set it down! So I'm interested enough to keep reading, and THAT was my biggest concern. * As it always is when I purchase a book. I'm a very selective reader. This though, is intriguing..she has a like-able personality, unlike her father...IF you ask me..Which you did, because you are in fact, reading MY blog! :)

In better news, I have found the most beautiful ring. It will look gorgeous next to my wedding ring! I also found my husbands wedding band...well the one I am purchasing for him, because his was lost in transit. No, not really transit but it sounded good! It was lost in Afghanistan, which makes me sad. But I understand.  Anyways, on to this ring I love. I have always disliked the fact that none of my jewelry matched my yellow gold wedding ring. I love my ring, but despise the fact that I have absolutely no jewelry to match it. This ring is composed of three bands; a white gold, a yellow gold and a rose gold band. It's exactly what I need!
The site won't allow me to save the picture, or upload it, therefore I have included the link incase anyone is curious about this absolutely beautiful ring I admire! I will NOT post the link or picture of the ring I am purchasing for my husband, because I would like it to be an absolute surprise...and in the rare chance that he decides to read this, I DON'T WANT HIM SEEING IT!

Now on to the Romance part of this post! I have found this absolutely lovely gift for my husband. It shows him exactly why I love him, and it will be mailed out in a pretty little flat rate box tomorrow! I will not tell you what it is, because again...HE MAY READ THIS BEFORE HE RECEIVES IT! But if you're interested enough, check back in 2 weeks!

Now on to life..
My son and I spent the entire day playing! He is the most full of life five month old I have ever seen! He laughs at absolutely everything, and it keeps me sane! (Incase you have yet to notice, I overuse the !. It's a bad habit that I will probably never change!) Anyways, today I was overly sad and missing my husband. I felt like spending the day sulking and feeling bad for myself, but Jax has other plans. He woke me up by babbling away. Then I picked him up and he laughed and smiled for what felt like forever. We rolled around on his play mat, and watched a movie together. How could I possibly sulk and whine about my life, with such a happy, loving, carefree baby! My day turned out to be far happier then I expected.
Now I'm off to give him his bath, and his cereal, and snuggle him some more!
Check back later, I have something in the works!

Peace and Love
<3 AA

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