Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A city so full of life..

What an inspiring city.
A constant flow of people swarm the streets, feet constantly pounding the sidewalks.
The chatter from outdoor patios makes me smile.
It reminds me of a scene from Sex in the City.
Groups of girl friends laughing and talking, enjoying lunch.
I find it simply inspiring.
Eclectic shops line city streets.
A place where there is always something to do, or something new to see.
I think I was meant for big city's like this. 
It reminded me how much I miss Nashville.

Sunday, we woke up and headed to Navy Pier.
I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was more then excited.
The sun heated our backs as we made our way from the expensive parking garage to the pier.
We walked one end to the other.
Baby bear even walked--No stroller.
Perhaps we somewhat regret that choice...
but he felt proud and made most of the voyage like a big boy!
The water, the boats, the city was everything I hoped it would be.
When we got to the end, an ambulance and firetruck were on scene helping someone out.
I think this was baby bears favorite part.

Needless to say it was a Father's Day well spent and we all had a great time!
It is without a doubt something I would do again.
Before we left, we rode the giant ferris wheel.
Baby bear was fearless and loved every minute of it.
I... well let's just say wasn't exactly thrilled when we got to the top.
The view however was worth every second of anxiety the height caused.
Simply breathtaking. 

We originally planned on heading back to Michigan afterwords, but decided to stay an extra night.
The sun and the heat wore us all out.
The remainder of Sunday was spent on the couch relaxing...
Much, much needed relaxing.
Monday came before we knew it.
We all sullenly said our goodbye's.
Soldier man headed to work.
Baby bear and I spent the morning cleaning and packing up.
We filled the tank and hit the road.
I was sad to be passing through Chicago one more time, this time on the way out.
The city never ceases to amaze me.
The gas prices however, are not as thrilling.
That's right, $70 bucks to fill up my Nitro.
I dread every penny that goes into the gas tank, but the trip was worth it.
We had a blast.
I miss Chicago already.
After being in a city so full of life for almost two weeks...
Plain old Michigan seems like a slow - painful death.
See ya soon Chicago!



  1. I've only been through the airport in Chicago, but my friend lives there and it looks like such a great place. I would love to visit some day!

  2. Glad you found me again! Chicago is hands down my most favorite city I've been too. I was just there for the Blue's Festival this month, my husband is currently residing in the suburbs for school and I formerly lived in the 'burbs myself. MISS IT! Glad you loved it!

    1. I'm so glad I found you again too! Chicago is amazing! I've been quite a few times in the last year, and I always feel so inspired and excited in the city! I look forward to reading more of your posts!


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