Saturday, June 16, 2012

Many things I am, some things I am not.

I am undoubtedly in love with words, intrigued by intelligence and absorbed with curiosity. I will follow a hunch until all hope has died and my heart has let go. I will ride the waves of unconditional love until...well...until.... Just until. I do not subscribe to luck. Fate however, that's a different story. Many things I am... some things I am not.

I am a hopeless lover. A dreamer with no limits. A mother with all that I have.
I am not however, someone who desires the approval of a room full of judgment.
I have seen so much these last few years.
I have witnessed death at young ages. Lost friends to unforgiving tragedies. Watched friends loose their minds, fighting wars they believed in, and friends loosing lives, doing the same.
Life is simply short. Too short.
If I lived for approval, I would never live at all.

We can choose to live our lives in judgment of others, or we can choose to truly live our lives.
You are put on this planet for such a short period of time. Concern yourself with the most rewarding things in life. Help someone. Change something. Stand up for something you believe in.... But do these things free of them without seeking reward or recognition. Do it because it speaks volumes about your character... Or possibly do it without reason, without rhyme, and without explanation.

It is simply to easy to wake up in the morning and seek the wrongs of others. It is far too simple minded of us to look to others for their faults. Spend an entire day finding the beauty in ugly situations, seek only the good in people, look for the positive in negative situations. I promise it will be much easier to lay your head down at night and truly rest. In a world full of negative, YOU can be the positive. If you're asking me why... I'm asking you...Why not?
The world is full of hate, and war, and violence and anger. People are fighting battles you know nothing about, and you still want to seek the bad...point it out? For what? Who does that help, and what does that change? Seeking the ugly in others, does not make you beautiful.
In fact, It mostly makes you ignorant.


Character is defined as the "mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual."
What does your character say about you


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