Thursday, January 13, 2011

Please Excuse Me.

Yes, Please excuse me..
For I am about to be a complete bitch.
If you can't handle complete honest bitch...kick rocks.
I am tired of shitty people. I'm tired of it.
Since when do people have such disregard for other human beings?
It seems to me, deployment hits, and our guys aren't even pulled out of the parking lot, before the rumors and drama began.No one is innocent. We have all said yeah I heard this happened..yeah I saw what she was wearing...yeah I heard what she said...but this shit...these rumors, and lies...wooooah!
This is a whole new level of crazy.
I'm disgusted. I'm saddened. And I am fed the fuck up.
Shady ass people, make you constantly question who you can trust.
And it's not just who you can trust...
Our husbands are thousands of miles away.
I personally have not seen mine in 8 months.
We're living alone, raising children alone, loosing sleep, constantly worrying, and under extreme amounts of stress and pressure.
It's sad you can no longer turn to a fellow army wife and vent!
It's sad you can't tell her how you're feeling, or why you're upset.
And why?
Because there is now a constant fear that you never know who is going to turn around and tell the news.
You can never be sure who is going to take your story, exaggerate and change it, and make it public record.
It's sad. It really is.

We have recently lost soldiers. Amazing men. 
We have grieving families. And soldiers still in harms way.
We have soldiers here at home who are injured and ot only dealing with the losses,
but also dealing with being away from their brothers.

And yet people have nothing better to do then degrade and ostracize eachother?
It is nothing but toxic...
And quite frankly, I don't think people stop to think about how they are making others feel. 
Lies and rumors hurt people.
I don't have it in me to make up lies and rumors.

That's an ugly, ugly trait.

I'm tired of the drama.
I'm physically exhausted.
Do you not have anything in your own life good enough to talk about?
If this is the case, DO Call me up. We can find you a good hobby or book.
If you insist on making up rumors and lies, be my guest...(just don't call me with it.)
I do not want to hear what anyone has to say about me, my husband or my child.
I do not want to hear what anyone thinks about anyone else.
I do not want to hear about another soldiers business, another wives business, or what another mothers, fathers, cousins, sisters neighbor has to say.
If you hear something about me, and it did not come out of my husbands mouth or my own, feel free to pass it around....That's right go ahead. (Not that anyone needed my permission.)
You will look like an asshole, but hey go right ahead.
*End Rant.

I hope to blog again tomorrow. Hopefully with something...anything better then this shit

Angry, Sad and Disgusted,


  1. Uh oh. No bueno. I'm sorry you're dealing with people like this.

  2. Well Fawn, I guess not all the army wives can be as fuckin sweet as you! I wish you guys were still close!!! I MISS YOU! NO ONE COMPARES! <3


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