Monday, January 24, 2011

In a Perfectly-Imperfect World

In the perfect world, I would be Carrie Bradshaw.
I would write and the whole world would listen.
My words would be publicized in amazing magazines.
I would be completely secure with myself, and my life.
I would own lavish dresses, made by fancy people.
I'd wear expensive shoes with red bottoms.
And those shoes would walk the streets of New York City....
With the best friends a girl could ever ask for.
My Mac book would accompany me in bed, on nights when I cannot sleep.
And I would end each day with words of wisdom,
Summarizing the facts of life.

It all sounds so wonderful.
However John James Preston "Big", would have married me years ago.
I'd fill my luxury New York City apartment with babies.
I'd trade in my Manolo Blahnik's for practical shoes,
and I'd only wear Louis to fancy expensive date nights with my husband.

Hell, in all reality, I don't think I would trade places with Carrie Bradshaw.
I'd choose to have met my husband seven years ago, and to have married at 18.
I'd choose our pick-up-and-go army life.
I'd be more then satisfied with babies, and blue jeans.

I guess where I'm going with this is...
Things are not always greener on the other side.
It's so easy these days to look at someone else and admire what they have.
I wished the world still lived with the values of the fifties.
People did not have much...
But they valued what they had...their families, and their homes.
We live in a world full of glamor and substance.
And people forget to enjoy the things that are not actually things.

I love you Carrie Bradshaw. I really do.
I admire your presence, and your confidence.
I dream of your job with Vogue.
And laying in bed on a Mac Book, writing things people love to read.
I admire the way you carry yourself, and the friends you have.
But I would not trade my life for yours.

I think sometimes, the most important thing we can do,
Is to stop wishing for more and for better...
And look around at what we have been blessed with.

It's easy to admire someone elses life, if you haven't taken the time to admire your own.

Appreciative, AA <3


  1. Couldn't have put it better myself. It's amazing how wrapped up we get in what we don't have that sometimes we forget to appreciate what we do.

  2. Awesome words, and very wise. Thanks for sharing :)


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