Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The moments that matter

I know I just updated and all...but I just had a moment, that I could not pass up sharing.
And it kind of goes along with what I just blogged about..

My son woke up and wouldn't allow me to rock him back to sleep. So I resorted to the old, tiny bit of bottle trick. I made a quick bottle, and scooped him up in my arms. I sat down on the couch and removed his bink.I set it next to us. And began to give him his bottle. About half way through, he stopped looking at me, and began to stare off into space. I figured he was just getting sleepy, before I realized what he was really up too!
His bink was exactly his arms length away. I watched his little tiny fingers fiddle with the nipple, and then the edges. He was working so hard at getting it! He never stopped to look back at me, or even at that bink! He just continued to fiddle, until he had it. And then he pulled it up to his mouth and held it right there next to his bottle. He left it there, until the last drop of milk was gone, and I removed the bottle. Then he placed his bink into his mouth and fell right to sleep.

It's the moments like these that I live for. The moments that some don't understand, and will never cherish.
These are the moments that make me smile, no matter what is going on, and appreciate every second I have with my little boy, cuddled up in my arms.
Somethings are irreplaceable. Most of those things...are not things at all.
THIS was one of those things!

I have spent my fare share of gripes on getting no sleep, on a screaming baby who cannot be calmed, on late nights of rocking and feeding..but as these late night moments start to fade, and occur less and less...I begin to miss them more and more. I miss the entire house being dark and calm and quiet, and sharing that intimate time with my baby...where it's just the two of us. Cuddled Close. Experiencing something that matters so much.

I leave you with that tonight. In hopes that everyone has the chance to experience a moment, of any kind...that others would take for granted, but you- you stop to realize what it's really worth, and enjoy its every second. <3

<3 AA


  1. Sometimes it can be hard to remember to cherish those moments, especially when your sleep deprived :) Glad you could take a minute to just feel the worth.

  2. Thats adorable :) The memories will never fade of those long nights

  3. Such an amazing way of looking at things! I miss those nights too- as my lil man is about to hit 11 months...


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