Sunday, June 24, 2012

In with the Old

A majority of my writing binder from high school is missing.... Which absolutely breaks my heart.
Everything I wrote from tenth grade up until the summer after senior year was in there.
Most things were written in my creative writing class- With the most inspiring teacher I've ever had.
She was a hippie, full blown. Dread locks and rockin' attitude. She made an ever lasting impression on my life.
Anyhow, a few loose sheets from my binder were on the top shelf of my closet, which was a nice surprise. I decided I'd share some old pieces, simply because I'm so upset about my binder, and I haven't read this stuff in years.

Adulterous attempts failed.
Devouring my emotions like Sundays brunch, undeserving.
Imperial chances, given far too many times.
But still, I just brushed off disgust.
I knew better.
Your impetuous bursts--
No longer found tolerable.
And I walked....
The house, I tried to make a home....
Never well enough.
One night stands-
Keeping you satisfied....
But you had to have me,
Idle on the side.
Vacant hearted. 
Emotions no longer counting.
Promises no longer fulfilled.
Latent adulterous success. 
I'm still idle.
One night stand- turned affair.
But, I'm still idle...
Imperial chance followed by imperial chance.
But that's okay.
I walked.... silently....
Your words screaming regret.
Your actions reaking of your intent. 
Nights alone...
Well, not your nights.
Mine - unaccompanied. 
This house's heat-
Cranked up.
But somehow...
Still cold...
A heart- emotion filled.
...Yet empty.
Idle on the side. Vacant hearted. 
Emotions screaming stay...
Head screaming GET THE HELL OUT!
Full of disgust, but it's okay.
I'll brush it off.
Words screaming regret!
Actions screaming "I meant it".
This time, I'll walk..
                               December 31st, 2007

I have a few more pieces I'll be adding in the days to come. Maybe another later tonight.
As always I'm open to any constructive criticism. Thanks for reading guys.
Its always interesting to look back at things I wrote so many years ago!


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