Monday, September 13, 2010

Point Proven...

I believe I began my first blog with a question asking if I'm a planner..or a procrastinator! Welp... I sure have procrastinated a lot in the last few days. The book I raced off to target to get... has sat next to my couch, untouched. Not because I don't want to read it...simply because..I haven't had time? I can't even honestly say that. I've had plenty of time. Time I have just filled with doing less productive things.
Like what you ask? Well.. I'll tell you..
1. I watched the VMA's. Which I found to be not so entertaining.
        I was lead to believe Eminem was hosting..not OPENING. My mistake!
        Chelsea was funny, but not as funny as I expected.
        And nothing overly exciting took place.


Now, you may think coffee does not really...occupy time. Pssh. I recall the days when getting a cinnamon dolce latte merely meant throwing on my shoes, and arriving at Starbucks. Now that I am a mother..and a single one at that, (while my husband is deployed) coffee getting is now a..well, we'll call it a process. I can no longer wake up and have my morning coffee with no hassle. My son must first enjoy his cereal, and hos bottle. His cereal which will end up all over me and himself before we're half done. This is usual followed by a diaper explosion, and a change of clothes. If I'm lucky J will let me set him down long enough to get out of my pajamas and into something sloppy and unrepresentable. That's right. I gave up on looking pretty for a day of running around. Finally, I get my son into his car seat, down 3 flights of stairs, and into the car. By now he is screaming because he has spit out his bink, so I turn on the car, give him his bink, and we're off! - Yes, approximately two hours after I WANTED that coffee. Then I lug that heavy seat into Starbucks, get my coffee, and load it back into the car!  And this is just the start of our day!

3. I even watched the Lions game yesterday.. Okay..okay. I won't lie. I watched the end of it. It was bullshit, and I don't even watch football. Seriously. The score ended up being 19-14. Bears winning. And when I say it was bullshit, I mean, check the was a crappy review. Anywho, as soon as the game was over, I went out and bought a Lions jersey. Not because I love the Lions...Because I LOVE JERSEYS! And oh how adorable will my son and I look when he has his football jammies on, and I have my jersey one! Picture to follow...(If I don't procrastinate too long, that I forget!)

In brighter news, instead of reading that book I was dying to have, I did one thing productive!
My mother and I took my son to the cider mill.The bees were rampid and terrifying, however we had a blast! Cinnamon sugar donuts, apple cider, and adorable pictures!

My little man makes this ever so torturous deployment... just that much easier. If it were not for these days with him, I would be a total mess. YES DEAR HUSBAND, I could be MORE of a mess then I am now! I would be an emotional wreck! Yes... more of an emotional wreck then I am now!
However, days like this also make me miss him. See that empty spot next to us in those pictures... Daddy is supposed to be standing there. His "spot" is ever empty in all of our pictures, in all of our experiences, and I struggle with finding peace in that empty "spot".

Oh goodness, my son has just woken up with the scream of...well probably World War III in his diaper. I'm off to put on my battle suit and ....take down the ENEMY! ;)

Keep reading guys...I MAY EVEN START THAT BOOK!

Peace & Love.
<3 AA

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