Monday, April 4, 2011

No I didn't say T & A...I said Q & A.

I was on no sleep. Some of these answers are ridiculously sarcastic.

What is your full name as it appears on you birth certificate:
Alyssa Noelle (ill leave my last name off since anyone and their mom can view this blog)
What do you like to be called: Alyssa..or obnoxious loving pet names like baby and sweeie and booboo.
Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake: 21...only there was no cake. How depressing...I didn't get to make a 21st birthday wish? Why didn't I realize this sooner? I was Jewed. *I mean no disrespect to any Jews out there.
Date you were born: December 27th.
What's your Sun sign: Capricorn.
Notable Events on the Day You Were Born: UHM...I WAS BORN! How much more notable could something be? As if anything could top that!
Parent's names: Candy...Really her name is Candice. Parent for me. The man who helped make me was a D bag. :)
Birthplace: Grose Point, MI, in your moms bathtub.
Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI
Current Residence: Still your moms bathtub.
Height: 5'4''
Eye color: Green.
Hair color: Blonde by choice.
Piercings: ears. had my bellybutton before baby bear. And I had my tragius before surgery happened. I could never get it back in.
Tattoos: Seven. I dont feel like explaining, but I really have the urge for a new one.
What's your most attractive feature: People comment on my eyes a lot. And THIS BAD ASS personality too!
Pets: I have a little brother whos 14. Does that count?
What are the perks of your job: I'm a full time mother right now. The perks beat out a pay ck and medical ANYday!
How much do you love your job: A LOT!
Are you an inside or outdoors person? Depends. I'd say I'm a little bit of both.
Do you have children? I have one. I want more. Like 25 more, I think.
What Laundry detergent do you use? Tide.
Color of socks: My feet are naked.
What did you want to be when you were little? A nurse. And a mommy. I always wanted to be a mommy. I'm 1 for 2. Not to shabby.

When Was The Last Time You:

Took a shower: This morning.
Danced: This afternoon.
Received flowers and from whom: My ex, at the beginning of deployment. The card should of read something like "I'm going to cheat while away, don't waste your time waiting." but it didn't. *Two thumbs down*
Watched Bambi: Never.
Got a real letter: See the RECEIVED FLOWERS question above.
Gave to charity: Goodwill. I keep that place STOCKED UP.
What did you have for breakfast? I did not eat breakfast.
What was the last movie you saw: I watched the Green Mile a few days ago. I love that movie.
From whom did you get your last e-mail? Tanning coupons.
Last person you went to dinner with? Jaxson. Mom stayed at the hospital, and Dominic is locked in his dungeon AKA bedroom.
What are you listening to right now? Jaxson snore.
Best thing that happened to you today: My son is the best thing that happens to me EVERYDAY.

What is Your Favorite:

Breakfast cereal: Peanut Butter Capt N Crunch.
Candy: I basically hate candy.
Salad Dressing: Ranch
Food: Pizza.
Cuisine: American-Italian. 
Pie: Pumpkin. or Apple.
Alcoholic beverage: Sex on the Beach, or Beer. No shots. Thanks for asking though. I do indulge in the occasional margarita too! By Occasional, I mean...DON'T give me tequila often.
Type of Ice: Vanilla? :)
Your favorite potato chip? Hate chips unless their in the form of Nachos. And in that case I like them home baked.
Ice cream: Not a huge ice cream fan.
Sobe flavor: Never had a "SOBE" in my life.
Soda: I'm currently trying to give up pop again so I can loose this tummy.
Restaurant: Yamatos in TN. Hands down. I hate sushi, but their grill is to die for. Also, Old Chicago. And Shields.
Fast Food Restaurant: I gave up fast food too.
Toothpaste: As long as my breath is fresh, we're straight.
Perfume/cologne: Black by Kenneth Cole
Accessory: A kid on my hip.
Clothes: I would live in Victoria secret sweat outfits if I didn't feel like such a bum. So those, or comfy jeans and tees.
Number: 06 and 13.
Flower: Sunflowers or Daisys
Smell: Vanilla
Song you love but are embarrassed to admit to:The Gambler- Kenny Rogers! <3
Favorite sport to watch on TV: HOCKEY!
Sport to Watch at the game: HOCKEY!
Sports team:Uhm is there any team other then the Detroit Red Wings?!
Car: My Black Dodge Nitro is my SECOND baby!
What do you want for Christmas: Love Please.
What movie makes you cry: PS I LOVE YOU, but I love that movie. It's one of my top favs!

Which Is Better:

Hot tubs or pools: Pools.
Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds please.
Coffee or Coffee Ice Cream: Coffee.
Creamy or crunchy peanut butter: Creamy.
What's the right way to eat a Reese's: I hate no way at all.
Are you a morning person or a night owl? I'll be whatever you want me to be baby ;)
Pedicure or manicure? Pedicure. and that is THE ONLY time (other then my tattoo) that someone is EVER allowed to touch my foot.
What first catches your eye in the opposite (or same) sex (ie, legs, boobs, etc): Height and then eyes.
What do you look for in a person: Respect, if you cant respect me, get the fuck out. Humor, honesty, values.
If you could be any place right now, where would you choose: TN. I miss it soooo much!
Childhood Blanket or Stuffed Animal: I'm a sucker for a teddy bear. Buy me a teddy bear, I'll marry you.
One pillow or two: The more the better..and by more I mean upwords of four.
Which came first; the chicken or the egg? My mom.
Is honesty the best policy: YES! If you can't be honest....what's the point? Why do something you're not proud of?
Are you the jealous type: If you give me a reason to be once...I will be quite a few more times.
What's your pet peeve: Disrespect. Latent, Rude, Careless Disrespect.
What are you afraid of: Being alone forever.

I was clearly bored. Now I shall sleep.

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