Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Lovin'

Happy Sunday folks! Chalk this up to another week down in this deployment...... Thank goodness!
The weekend has been ever so uneventful, and I'm so fine with that! We spent most of our time lounging around and doing nothing. However, we have had a couple mishaps.

Baby bear woke up Friday to the Butt Rash From Hell! Ultimately making him, the child from....well you get the picture! My husband contacted me, letting me know he is terribly sick, and vomiting. Ultimately making me a worry wart! My son has reformed back to his days of newborn-ism, in the fact that he feels it necessary to wake up every two hours in the middle of the night. Overall, I have had minimal amounts of sleep. And when I say minimal I'm referring to four hours MAX, combined sleep a night! It seems this hectic weekend has formed some sort of daunting schedule. Jaxson finally gives in and sleep at around midnight, my husband messages me around 2 am, and my son wakes up at 3.I would not change speaking with my husband at ANY time of the day, regardless of my lack of sleep. I would however, change my son waking up all night long, and not wanting to go back to bed, but as my husband says..."It is what it is", and for now, I'm handling it.

Tomorrow my son has his 6 month check up, and I have a confession. I'm praying this butt rash magically disappears! I know diaper rashes are a normal occurrence, however, I'm ONE OF THOSE MOMS. You know the kind... The mom who thinks, oh my goodness, I look like a terrible mom.This doctor is going to think I let my child sit in dirty diapers all day long. He's going to think I'm a terrible, irresponsible woman. I know this is so irrational, but I watch too much television. Mostly, too much Nancy Grace! All you ever hear about is woman who strap their kids in the car seat and drive their car into a lake, or woman who duct tape their kids to the walls and take pictures, and post them on facebook. (Yes, I have seen both of these stories on Nancy, just this week!) It's terrible. What kind of world are we living in? There are millions of woman in the world, doing everything they can to have a child. Woman who will adopt, or go through years of extensive medical treatment, just to mother, and yet we have woman abusing and murdering their innocent kids! GET A GRIP! These yucky, excuses for human beings, do not deserve to even be called mothers. Mothers nurture, care, love, and devote their lives to their children. THEY DO NOT murder, assault, or beat their innocent babies. Okay okay...End rant!

In brighter news, the weather is beautiful, the leaves are changing colors, and the sky is bright! What a perfect Sunday, to do absolutely nothing except enjoy my son, and the weather! My brother-in-law came over today, and fixed my computer and hooked up my printer, so tonight's task? Print and organize all of my recipes and get them into my recipe binders! You don't even know my excitement over this! I'm one of those people, who like everything to be organized, alphabetized, and categorized! I get excited over storage bins, and plastic containers. I would label every drawer, cabinet and bin if I wouldn't look like a total psycho!

So I'm off for now, to begin my new task! I hope everyone is having a peaceful, relaxing Sunday. Don't blink, it will be Monday before we know it!

<3 AA

Ps. I have reread some older posts, and realized I have quite a few grammar and typing errors. Excuse those. I usually blog on my balcony, (weather permitting) and either my laptop is about to die, or my child begins to scream, and I don't find the chance to go back and proof read! I always say I'll fix it later..but I never seem to see later on the clock! <3

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